Residential & Commercial Bat Population Control
Homes Cabins & Cottages Farm Structures Educational Facilities Businesses Churches
Efficient, Humane Bat Removal & Infestation Prevention
We remove Bats from all types of structures in both Urban & Rural settings Throughout B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba. We Locate and Block off all entry points to prevent Re-entry.
Strict Adherence to Provincial & Federal Wildlife/Environmental Laws & Regulations.
Bat Re-Entry Prevention Is Our Specialty
Removal of all common species of Bats Local to  BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba
Part Of The WCT Bat Management Group.
Bat FAQ’s
Health Risks relating to Bats Histoplasmosis is an airborne disease caused by a microscopic fungus that occurs in soil and in the nitrogen-rich droppings of birds and bats (Tuttle and Kern 1981, Greenhall 1982, Fenton 1992). A dry cough and other flu-like symptoms are the usual signs of histoplasmosis, which is often mistaken for influenza. While histoplasmosis often does not produce any symptoms, severe symptoms such as high fever, problems with vision, and life-threatening complications occasionally do occur. The above information is an excerpt from “Guide to Northeastern Bats and Bat Problems.” Cleaning Up After Bats Once the bats have been removed, the roost area should be thoroughly cleaned as bat droppings can create a strong odor. This odor can attract additional bats if new openings develop in the structure in future. Special precautions must be used while cleaning the area to avoid contracting histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory infection caused by inhaling fungal spores which can grow in bat droppings which when inhaled, can develop into serious respiratory conditions in some people. When cleaning up bat droppings, wear a tight fitting respirator that will filter particles as small as 2 microns. Dampening the droppings before cleaning them up will help decrease the spread of any spores. The droppings should be sealed in plastic bags for disposal. The area should then be cleaned and disinfected with a solution of 1 part household bleach to 20 parts water. Clothes worn while cleaning should be washed at high temperature immediately upon completion.
Bat Free Zone
B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and everywhere in between.
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DTS BAT REMOVAL SPECIAISTS Preventative Bat Maintenance & Exclusion
B.C ~ Alta. ~ Sask. ~ Man.
Local Service Provided To: Battlefords, Biggar, Cut Knife, Macklin, Unity, Wilkie
Providing Services To Western Canada
B.C. ~ Alta. ~ Sask. ~ Man.
DTS BAT REMOVAL SERVICE Preventative Bat Maintenance & Exclusion
Bat Free Zone
B.C ~ Alta. ~ Sask. ~ Man.
and everywhere in between.
DTS Bat Removal Specialists, Cut Knife, North Battleford, Unity, Wilkie, Macklin, Biggar, Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, Bat Pest Control. DTS Bat Removal Specialists, provide service throughout Saskatchewan, Pest Control.
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Local Service to: Cut Knife, North Battleford, Unity, Wilkie, Macklin, Biggar, Kerrobert
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Full Service Roofing Specialists BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba.
DTS ROOFING for All Types of Roofing Installations and Repairs. N. Battleford, the battlefords, Saskatoon, Cut Knife, Unity, Rosetown, Kindersley, LLoydminster, Nielburg, Maidstone
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